Roadside Rescue

"Being a voice worker is a bit like working for a roadside rescue firm – people are so pleased to see you. You engage in psychical midwifery, alchemy, psychology, body work, musical direction, teaching, information sharing, artistry, poetry, dance, nurturing, consciousness-raising, leadership,philosophical enquiry, challenging, directing, … Read more »

Try this…


Sirening is a quick and very safe way to warm up your voice. If you only have time to do one vocal warm up, then this is the one!. It’s also very soothing on a voice that’s been overused or in cases where you haven’t … Read more »

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My Love for You

Here’s a quirky new round to download - a lop-sided round of 8 and a half bars that has a momentum as it sings in and then out of sync with itself. Great fun to sing, it takes many many times through before repeating. Download for Free!

“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.”

— Victor Hugo