Sirening is a quick and very safe way to warm up your voice. If you only have time to do one vocal warm up, then this is the one!. It’s also very soothing on a voice that’s been overused or in cases where you haven’t used your voice for sometime due to illness. If you’ve just sung something strenuous it can ‘re-set’ the vocal folds back into comfort again. So it’s not only great to use as a warm up, but also as a warm down after strenuous singing.

A basic siren consists of swooping through your entire vocal range on an ‘ng’ sound. It shouldn’t be loud. It’s a quiet supported sound that has its own energy. You can check the ‘ng’ sound is working by holding your nose for a second as you do it. No sound should come out if you’ve got a true ‘ng’ sound.

Sirening defines the extent of your vocal range. We tend to all sing in a small comfort zone in the middle of our voices, but when you siren you can hear the full extent of your range: your voices potential.