Chorus Awards announced

Exciting day today – in my role as Choir Director for Scotland Sings we announced the winners of the very first Chorus Awards. These awards for Scotland’s Choirs aren’t about being the biggest or the best or about musical accomplishment or perfection. Like the BBC Alba Trad Awards (also organised by Scotland Sings’ parent organisation Hand Up For Trad) that raise the profile of Scotland’s traditional musicians, the aim of these awards is to put a spotlight on the Community Choir world and celebrate the unique stories, milestones and amazing people that make up choirs across the country. And to recognise the commitment of people coming out to sing every week and the choir leaders who put so much time and effort into their groups. We had some amazing nominations and it was really hard to choose a winner in some cases. If you didn’t win this year please nominate your choir choir again  – nominations open on 31st March 2016 and     remember that the awards are about lifting us all.

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