Every Earthly Eye – New Songs for Harmony Singing

I’m thinking about that wonderful moment when I realise I probably have enough material for a new book of songs for harmony singing. I browse my computer and print out what I have and lay the songs out to see how they hang together as a collection.  And then comes the long task of setting them and checking the small details. I’m not good at detail, I’ll readily admit! And so I send the pages off to a specialist music proof-reader. (Email me if you’d like details.)  Once that first proof is done I make changes and send it all to the printers for laying out. I think about a title (I’ve traditionally chosen a phrase from a song in the book) and then decide what the cover is going to look like. This time it was easy once I’d chosen the book title as nobody creates artwork with more beautiful eyes than Anita Klein. She’s one of my favourite printmakers and she generously gave me permission to use her woodcut The Bunch of Flowers as the cover image. Check out more of her work here. After those details are in place its all about checking and proofreading and correcting again and agin and again. And making the CD. This time I was determined to use local singers and a local recording studio especially as there’s so little work for musicians here in Galloway. And so with the help of Rory McLatchie, Anna Howell and Kate Howard along with Grant Henderson from Lover’s Lane Studios in Dumfries we recorded the songs for a double CD that comes with the book. Thanks to Alba Printers in Dumfries and Small Print in Castle Douglas. So if you’d like a copy hop over to my shop here and get one! £25 plus post and packing.

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