Rickety Tickety

Songs for upper primary, many written as a way into harmony singing: with ostinatos, partner songs, rounds. This was commissioned by Dumfries and Galloway Council for use in the schools here and one of the remits was to write songs that would appeal to boys.

Comes with a double cd with: All songs sung to accompaniment with and without vocals in; partner songs and rounds sung separately and together; MP3 versions of the same; words for smartboards; music for piano accompaniments.

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  • Full list of songs featured:

    All the fish in the Sea – round; Football – spoken chant/round; I am a Pirate Captain; I met a Man the Other Day – round; My Gran’s an Alien – song with ostinato; Ma Mammie’s Skint, round and game; Tell me a Story Shining Star – round; Dark and Scary Night – spooky round; Bright Blue Sky – inspirational assembly song; East of the Sun and West of the Moon; My Dad Snores – song with snoring ostinato; Nelly Macavelli – song and game; Perfect Cake – 3 part partner song; Popcorn-song with popping ostinato; The Puddock and the Raven – Frog and Raven song in Scots; Rickety Tickety – school trip song; Wellies – 3 part partner song celebrating wellies!; A Handsome Knight Went Out One Night – funny story song with ostinato; All The World Turns Over – winter snow song; Back to Front World – bluesy 2 part partner song; Cats and Dogs – 2 part partner song with lots of barks and meows!; My Dog Dug Up a Dinosaur – funny story song; Rainbow of Dreams – assembly song; Red Letter Day – happy upbeat assembly song; The Wee Fogey Toddler – Song in Scots about bees.