It’s a Land Girls’ Life

IMG_2067It’s a Land Girl’s Life is a performance that was I was commissioned to devise in 2011 by Shambellie House, Scotland’s National Museum of Costume, in order to celebrate the lives of members of the Scottish Women’s Land Army.  As part of the research I spent time interviewing several ex-land girls who live here in Dumfries and Galloway. I then took some of their words and memories and wove them together with relevant songs from the time, some newly written songs, some readings taken from official documents and some narratives from the book Scotland’s Land Girls: Breeches, Bombers and Backaches edited  by Elaine M. Edwards for National Museums Scotland.

I found it immensely moving taking to the women who’d been land girls. I’m used to doing historical research from documents IMG_2051in archives but to have living testimonies added something extremely special to the devising process. I was especially touched and delighted that several land girls came along to see the performances that took place in Dumfries and Galloway in Autumn of 2011. More performances are planned for the fututre: if you’d be interested in hiring 20 singers dressed as land girls and 3 readers for a performance of It’s a Land Girl’s Life then please get in touch.

Project dates: 2011 – present (bookings taken)