Macmath: The Silent page

Macmath: The Silent Page was commissioned by Dumfries and Galloway Arts Festival for performances as part of the 2015 festival.   A CD has now been made of the songs in the collection and we’re looking forward to a launch in Edinburgh on 31st April as part of Tradfest.


Broughton House and Garden – Kirkcudbright –on the Solway coast in South West Scotland was once the home of artist Edward Hornel, one of the “Glasgow Boys”. It houses a library of books which Hornel acquired during his time in Kirkcudbright. One of these acquisitions was the Macmath collection of songs and letters.  Many of the songs may not have been sung for a hundred years or more and the broad scope of this project is ‘to sing the collection back to life’.

Taking on this challenge are some of Dumfries and Galloway’s outstanding traditional musicians: Emily Smith, Robyn Stapleton, Aaron Jones, Jamie McClennan, Clare Mann, Wendy Stewart and community musician Alison Burns.