The Raven – recording project

In 1997 Tony Bonning and Ali Burns wrote a song cycle for community choirs called The Raven. Tony Bonning is a mythologist and writer with a special interest in creation myths from Northern Hemisphere cultures and in The Raven he took ideas from all these stories and wove them into a new creation story. His writings were set to music by Ali Burns and the piece was performed with community choirs all over Britain. Each time the song cycle was performed the choir performing it chose an extraordinary geological feature local to them and the story of how it came to be there was written into the cycle. Although The Raven was recorded several times there was never a complete good recording made of it and in keeping with traditional myths and stories it was never written down, although hundreds of people learnt and sang it. September 2011 saw a gathering of 35 people at Laurieston Hall in S. W. Scotland meeting to record The Raven for posterity.

This track is Cup and Ring – part of the Raven Cycle. Wendy Stewart on Harp, Dave Stewart (no relation! on Hang) and Tony Bonning speaking. The piece is about Galloway which has a remarkable number of  cup and ring marks carved on rocks.

Cup and Ring