5 Sea Inspired hand painted cards

These sea inspired cards are individually hand painted and assembled and come in packs of 5. Because they are hand painted they are all different but will all be blues, white, grey and greens. They are painted on artists watercolour paper using high quality pigment and make really special cards. They are 12.5 cm Square. The image is mounted on cream car with generous margins.

I’ve always lived near the sea – in fact I start to feel a bit claustrophobic when I’m too far away from it – and I find great peace in just standing looking at the horizon of a seascape. I began painting these about 5 years ago now and still love the process of making them as much now as I did – over 1.000 cards ago – then. It’s hard to convey in the photo how lovely the texture of the watercolour paper is and how tactile they are.