Under the Shelter

Under the Shelter is my latest book of short workshop songs.  The songs were written to be easy enough to teach as part of a one day workshop. The song notes included in the book outline ways to simplify or vary the teaching including which parts to choose to make the best 2 or 3 part version. Under the Shelter includes:

Can’t Eat Money and You Cant Eat Cash, Every Brick You Take From the Wall, From My Heart to You, Heart and Soul, Here is the Rock, I Believe That One Fine Day, In Dangerous Times, Love can Build a Bridge, Stay Up Till Dawn Nights, Sunrise Sunset, There’s Just Sky Above my Head, This Room and This Singing, To Walk Along This Shore, Under the Shelter, We Are the River, Will There Be Singing

The price of £25 includes post and packing. Please note that if you live outside of the UK you will receive a digital version of the book rather than a paper copy.

What’s included?

Printed book, PDF, MP3s of songs and separate parts