Every Brick You Take From the Wall

This song was written for a workshop at the Brighton Street Choirs’ festival in 2018. I came up with the ‘every brick’ riff first and nearly drove myself mad with singing it day and night before adding a couple of verses and the funky backing.


Defiant, upbeat


S, A, AT, T, B The song has a 3 part funky backing for 2 harmony lead vocal parts in the A section: then everyone singing together in the B section


When you’re face to face with injustice
And people are hurt and wronged
Whenever you feel like shouting at the world
You gotta keep on keeping on
‘Cos every brick you take from the wall
Means one day sooner, it’s gonna fall

What’s included?

pdf of background notes and teaching ideas, pdf of score, mp3 recording of whole song, mp3 separate parts


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