In Green by Day

Written as a joyous memorial piece for a friend who died. Carol lived in the Galloway Hills and ran a smallholding. She loved walking the hills and singing with friends, And she died too young. I wanted to write a piece that might make sense of her early death in the context of the great cycle of life. I imagine the song opening out from a seed in verse 1 out into her smallholding in verse 2, into the hills in verse 3 and out into the cosmos in verse 4.


Stately, joyous


4 part harmony, 4 verses and a chorus.

Text Source

Alison Burns

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In green by day and silver light
Of dark-ling moon and spark at night
We live by moment, reap by hand
The emerald crease and curve of land

chorus: And as we dance the dance moves on
The dance moves in us on and on
And as we turn the dance moves the on and on on and on
And and stars become the rhythm

The why and when and how and where
Of fruit by earth and seed and care
The river path and and peaty song song
We live by season and belong

We thread the land with perfect days
Of hills and sky and sun and rain
Of autumn haze and earthly miles
We dare to dream of hearth and fire

We are the hills, the grass and earth
The air that fuels our children’s breath
We are the sum of blood and chance
Forever turning in the dance

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pdf of score, mp3 whole song – midi file of piano, mp3 separate parts – midi file of piano


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