I was in the National Library of Scotland and picked up a leaflet published for Holocaust Memorial Day featuring the poem Children of Rwanda by Reverend François Murenzi. This poem seeded the words for Testimony which I then coupled with the Latin Chant which takes its words from Psalm 102: Quia defecerunt sicut fumus dies tui – For your days have vanished like smoke. The sound clip here is of Brendan Taaffe’s US chorus Bright Wings singing live.



Prayerful, powerful


SATB with tenors and basses singing in Latin in the section. In the B section everyone sings the English words together before breaking into the A section again.

Text Source

Alison Burns inspired by Reverend François Murenz; Psalm 102


We will remember, we who walk alone
Our hearts are troubled, still troubled
But we remember
We will remember, we who still survive
We still survive
And we remember

What’s included?

pdf of background notes and teaching ideas, pdf of score, mp3 recording of whole song, mp3 separate parts


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