To The Hills I Will Lift My Eyes

I lived for over 30 years in Dumfries and Galloway in south-west Scotland,  where I was surrounded by one of Scotland’s most beautiful landscapes: hills, forests, lochs and a stunning coastline. When things got difficult, I’d take myself out and walk – and lift my eyes to the hills. I’ve always loved the words of Psalm 121 but wanted to make a secular version for teaching at workshops. I amalgamated lines from verses of the Scottish metrical version to make these words.


Uplifting, stately


S,A,T,B where each part has its own tune, making it adaptable for making 2 or 3 part version as outlined in the teaching notes

Text Source

Alison Burns – gleaned from Scottish Metrical Psalm 121


To the hills I will lift my eyes – from whence does come my aid
To the hills I will lift my eyes – my shelter and shade
In sun by day or moon by night my courage will not fade
To the hills I will lift my eyes and I am not afraid
I am not afraid

What’s included?

pdf of score, mp3 recording of whole song, mp3 separate parts


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