Today, if I Painted the Sea

This song was born on a beautiful sunny day walking by the sea where I live in East Lothian. I couldn’t quite believe the colour of blue that day and the words formed as I walked.


Dreamy, soft, slow


SATB Bass with rhythmic no-words backing. Alto tune.
2 verses and chorus.

Text Source

Alison Burns

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Today, if I painted the sea
No-one would believe the blue
Of the colour I’d choose
Chorus: I am lost and I am found in blue
And I want to lie where the sea
Touches the sky
That oyster shell crack in the bus
Where silver shines through
Chorus: I am lost and I am found in blue

What’s included?

pdf of score, mp3 whole song – midi file of piano, mp3 separate parts – midi file of piano


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