When Love Had No Road

A perfect wedding song – anthemic and uplifting. The beautiful words by poet Clare Shaw say everything that needs to be said! It’s an extract from her poem Vow. Here’s a link to a gorgeous video of Clare reading and the Love Notes from Manchester singing (and gradually joined by members of the audience who’d just leant the song in a workshop).



Tender, uplifting, anthemic


A, B and C section that can be sung in any order

Text Source

Clare Shaw


Yes. Say yes! Say yes! Say yes!
Put the word of your hand in mine
And say Yes!
Cos when love had no road, we built it
We shouldered its stones and its dirt and built it
We laid aside our hurt and built it
When love needed a road

What’s included?

pdf of background notes and teaching ideas, pdf of score, mp3 recording of whole song, mp3 separate parts


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