When We Were Gods

A climate change song reflecting the pain of possibly losing the earth as a place to live through human fault. I use the word ‘Gods’ referring to humankind’s sense of entitlement in relationship to the earth, historically and in the present.


quiet, poignant


In 4 part harmony: SATB. However, it works well as a 2 part song with just soprano and alto or a 3 part song with added tenor.

Text Source

Alison Burns

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When we were Gods
A thousand years would come
And go in the blink of an eye
When we were Gods

Green grow the rushes, pink glows the moon
The earth is hushed and silent
Too soon, too soon

Now we are keepers of the night
Who must not let the stars
Fall in the hour before midnight

What’s included?

pdf of score, mp3 whole song – midi file of piano, mp3 separate parts – midi file of piano


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