All in the Morning

The beautiful melody and first verse of this were taken down from Mr Hall of Castleton in Derbyshire by Ralph Vaughan Williams. The text, with another four verses featuring other events in the Christian year, comes from A Garland of Old Castleton Christmas Carols, 1903. Quite an obscure text but offset by a stunning modal tune.

Example of lyrics

It was on Christmas day and all in the morning
Our Saviour was born and our heavily King
And was not this a joyful thing?
And sweet jesus they called him by name

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Song information

  • Mood:

    modal, calm

  • Technical:

    5 verses, solo call and repeated choral response

  • In this download:

    full score (pdf)
    full audio (mp3)
    3audio parts (mp3)

  • Level:

    ☆☆ Medium

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