Come and I will Sing You

This magnificent folk song is related to other cumulative songs: e.g. Green Grow the Rashes O, The Dilly Song. It was collected by John Goss (1894–1953) on a ranch in Washington state from a roving traveller called Skillum who sang it round many a campfire. The words have a basis in biblical significance but have become corrupted over the years, making a splendidly infectious incantation.

Example of lyrics

Come and I will sing you
What shall I sing you?
I shall sing you six alone
What shall be your six alone?
Six are the six that never did mix
Five are the oxen standing by
Four are the gospellers at the door
Three are the three that’s in Bethlea
Two are the Chrissymas babes in green
One is one and all alone

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Song information

  • Mood:

    Cheerful, rollicking

  • Technical:

    Solo call with 4 part harmony response. 5 parts

  • In this download:

    full score (pdf)
    Mp3 of all parts together

  • Level:

    ☆☆ Medium

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