This is a 4 part ‘partner*’ cyclical song inspired by the Norfolk fenland. 4 different tunes with different words that fit over the same chord structure and are sung at the same time *

Example of lyrics

* 1 Down from the deep in the heart of the fen; down from the deep a long boat rises / 2 One hundred thousand acres, three times drained. Fenland cuts reach the sea / 3 Ghosts cling to dust as it blows in four directions across the sky on the wind that steals our soil / 4 The sea is a hungry one, and it takes its fill in quiet ways over years. As the fenland sighs the coastline grows

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Song information

  • Mood:

    haunting/ powerful

  • Technical:

    8 bar 4 part cyclical song

  • In this download:

    full score (pdf)
    full audio (mp3)

  • Level:

    ☆☆ Medium