May You See Diamonds

This is written for the wonderful songwriter and workshop facilitator Nick Prater. Nick died on Christmas eve 2013 and will be sorely missed by the many, many singers all over the world- but especially in the UK – who love his beautiful songs.

“It’s beautiful- I’m crying. You know what’s really brilliant about it- it’s very clearly an Alison Burns song and yet…and yet….the genre is one that we all so associate with Nick and one that will feel comforting and comfortable curled in his ear. I don’t know how you do it sweetie! You seem to have found a way to create something of both your spirits in one- and one that we can all believe in.” Jules Gibb

Example of lyrics

May you see diamonds (diamonds of the night) x 3
And may you shine among us in every earthly eye
May you hear angels (angels of the night) x 3
And may you sing among us in every earthly choir

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Song information

  • Mood:

    gentle, rolling along

  • Technical:

    4 part harmony, 12/8 rolling rhythm 2 verses each with a repeatable A and B section

  • In this download:

    full score pdf
    sound file mp3
    4 separate parts mp3