This Great Sky

This was part of a commission from Sian Croose’s wonderful choir Big Sky in Norwich. The commissions theme was Land, Sea and Air and composers were invited to write 3 pieces on that theme and evoking East Anglia. Over the years it’s been recorded by several choirs and sung at many celebration and funerals as it evokes a strong sense of place and our place in the cycle of life.

Example of lyrics

This great sky that’s cast above us, this rich earth that’s spread below / Draws the eye to far horizons, draws the heart when coming home.

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Song information

  • Mood:

    Powerful, haunting but uplifting

  • Technical:

    4 part harmony. 3 verses and fugal chorus.

  • In this download:

    Full score (pdf)
    Full audio (mp3)
    4 audio parts (mp3):
    Sop; Alto; Tenor; Bass

  • Included in book or collection:Love, Friendship and Celebration »