The Birds in the Spring

This song is from the singing of George ‘Pop’ Maynard who was born in 1872. He lived for most of his life in Copthorne on the Surrey and Sussex border and died when he was 90 in 1962. Singing was a huge part of his life and he learnt many songs from his father, brothers and neighbours.  As well as being a great singer he was also a keen player of shove ha’penny, quoits, darts and (most famously) marbles.

Example of lyrics

One spring morning early I chanc’d for to rove
I sit my self down by the side of a grove
And there did I hear the sweet nighting-gale sing
You never heard so sweet You never heard so sweet
As the birds in the spring

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Song information

  • Mood:


  • Technical:

    3/4 time, 3 part harmony, 3 verses

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    full score (pdf)

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