There is Silence in my Heart Tonight

I wrote this just after my Dad died a few years ago. It’s based on the same chord strucure as Pachelbel’s famous canon in D major and has a similar simple bass line with no words. Sung over that are 3 parts

It has a calm peaceful feel to it and is great for workshops where you need one part to be very simple. For a simpler workshop piece it works well with just the bass and one other part. Good for calm beginnings and endings!

This song is no longer for sale on this site. I has been included in Oxford University Press’ book Community Voiceworks. Permission to use it can be obtained from


This song is not available for download at the moment

Song information

  • Mood:

    Calm, peaceful

  • Technical:

    4 part partner song based on Pachelbel’s Cannon chords

  • Included in book or collection:Community Voiceworks »