Three Kings

This cyclical partner song was written for a mixed adult and children’s choir and also has a simple instrumental bass line. I  took inspiration partly from the idea of wassails – songs of good health and blessings traditionally sung at the turn of the year – but also from the story of the Kings. I wanted to bring imagery and intent of the three kings story into the present  – to treat the Kings as archetypes that we can choose to embody as we travel with gifts into the year ahead.  The song has 2 main texts that can also be sung together.

Example of lyrics

Part 1)
Three Kings came walking, following one bright star
Kings came walking, pilgrims from afar
Walking through the midnight, searching the unknown
Earth rings in the silence for travellers far from home

Part 2)
Oh we are walking in the footsteps, in the shadow of those kings
And hope and love and kindness are the gifts that we bring
So turn your back on yesterday and leave behind your fear
‘Cos we bring hope and love and kindness to grace another year

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Song information

  • Mood:

    warm, big hearted, powerful

  • Technical:

    3 harmony parts, 1 instrumental (or sung) part

  • In this download:

    full score (pdf)

  • Included in book or collection:New Folk Carols »