To the Hills I will Lift my Eyes

The text for this piece is based on Psalm 121 but heavily adapted with verses amalgamated to make a more secular but still powerfully spiritual song. Although it sounds rich and full with all 4 parts, it sings very well with just 2 or 3 parts too. The main tune is in the alto although – as with much of my writing – I’ve tried to give all parts a good tune. Try it with just alto and tenor. Or alto and soprano. It was written for my friend and colleague Kate Howard.

Example of lyrics

To the hills I will lift my eyes, from whence does come my aid
To the hills I will lift my eyes, my shelter and my shade
In sun by day or moon by night my courage will not fade
To the hills I will lift my eyes, and I am not afraid, I am not afraid.

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Song information

  • Mood:

    Rich, folky, stately

  • Technical:

    4 part harmony, 20 bars, 4/4 time

  • In this download:

    full score (pdf)