Pebble on My Tongue

A Pebble on my Tongue is included in Community Voiceworks: The Complete Resource for Community Choirs published by Oxford University Press who are the copyright holders. You can purchase a copy of the book here. The recording here is of Lorna Brooks singing with the Musicians Union band put together for a showcase of winning songs from the Burnsong songwriting competition.


Defiant, transformative

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For seven years your name has lain
Smooth and round like a pebble on my tongue
It’s constant voice entreating me
It tangles my words when I speak and touches my heart
It tumbles my dreams when I sleep, invading the dark

I’m ready to make to the sea where the tide meets the sand
I’m ready to make for the sea with the stone in my hand
And with one sure , I will cast you to the sea
And with one sure throw I will cast you to the smoothing tide