Hymn to the Sun and Moon

This was one of the earliest songs I wrote, as part of a song cycle called The Raven in around 1997. Tony Bonning – a storyteller, writer and performer with an interest in creation myths form northern hemisphere cultures – wrote the words and I wrote the music. The piece was performed by several choirs around the UK and learnt by ear by hundred of singers. Every now and then people tell me at workshops that they sang in a ‘Raven choir’  and I love it that the songs are still held in the memory of scattered singers. Every time we performed it with a new group, the choir would choose an extraordinary geographical or historical feature near to where they were based, and then Tony and I wrote a new song to slot into the song cycle. I’ve included a little recording here of Cup and Ring – the piece Tony wrote to celebrate the many cup and ring marks carved in stones across Galloway in South West Scotland.


Celebratory / quiet by turns


3 short verses and an outro which can also be used as an introduction or between verses

Text Source

Tony Bonning


To you, heart of fire, corn of the field
To you, pearl of the night, frost on the web
To you, heart of fire, fruit of the tree
To you, pearl of the night, silver on the wing
To you, heart of fire, flower of the wood
To you, pearl of the night, foam on the tide
To you, to you, to you, to you, to you

What’s included?

pdf of score, mp3 recording of whole song, mp3 separate parts


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