Mallumo Sen Stelloj

Written for my Uncle Peter who died in 2006. The text is a prayerful plea for a calm world and comes from a line of the poem  In the Dark by Robin Fulton Macpherson ‘Darkness without stars will heal the damage caused by light’. A prayerful plea for a calm world. Peter was a lifelong Esperanto speaker so I had the idea to write a song in the language. I took the text to my Aunt – who also studied Esperanto – and she translated it for me. 



Calm, quiet and prayerful


4 part harmony SATB. A and B section.
Each line of text is repeated 4 times
Slightly different each time.

Text Source

Robin Fulton Macpherson quote from poem In the Dark


Darkeness without light will heal the damage casued by stars

What’s included?

pdf of score, mp3 whole song – midi file of piano, mp3 separate parts – midi file of piano


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