Mallumo Sen Stelloj

Written for my Uncle Peter who died in 2006. The text is a prayerful plea for a calm world and comes from a line of the poem  In the Dark by Robin Fulton Macpherson ‘Darkness without stars will heal the damage caused by light’. A prayerful plea for a calm world. Peter was a lifelong Esperanto speaker so I had the idea to write a song in the language. I took the text to my Aunt – who also studied Esperanto – and she translated it for me. 



Calm, quiet and prayerful


4 part harmony SATB. A and B section.
Each line of text is repeated 4 times
Slightly different each time.

Text Source

Robin Fulton Macpherson quote from poem In the Dark

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Darkeness without light will heal the damage casued by stars

What’s included?

pdf of score, mp3 whole song – midi file of piano, mp3 separate parts – midi file of piano


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