Wish I Could Fly Like Noah’s Dove

I borrowed the words for this fun, upbeat warm-up from American folk tradition where they appear in many songs. My version started out as a simple warm-up but I couldn’t stop adding parts! The upside to that is that it’s a great song to do with a choir over a number of weeks – you can add a new part every session. It also adapts brilliantly to a very simple warm up for inexperienced singers and the sound files for this are included in the bundle. Although of course it’s fine to just stay in one key you can rise a note each time you end/begin it. It’s exhilarating to sing! 


Upbeat, fun


5 parts but utterly adaptable to different groups and style. Music and recordings of adaptations included in the package. As a simplified version its a great exercise for groups working on lung function and breath.

Text Source

African American tradition

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Wish that I coulda fly like Noah’s dove
Up to the sky to the one I love
If I could fly like Noah’s dove
Then I would rise

What’s included?

pdf of background notes and teaching ideas, pdf of score, mp3 recording of whole song, mp3 separate parts


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